• Susan Case

When The Current Is Strong

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast,

and which enters the Presence behind the veil…

Hebrews 6:19

God is always speaking to us! He speaks to us in the “still small voice” in a way that only He does. We recently took a few days vacation up to the coast in Maine, which is my favorite place to visit during my birthday. It’s such a beautiful place to just sit and enjoy the scenery and breathe it all in. The sights, the sounds, the colors…the atmosphere is just peace-giving. I like to hang out in the water a bit too, and so we headed down to an inlet where the water was a bit warmer and easier to swim in and where, depending on which direction the tide is floating, you can sit on a tube and either go out or inland.

It happened to be high tide at midday and so my daughter and I tubed while we waited for my husband to come meet up with us after he parked the car. The water was really high in the inlet and the current was strong. I couldn’t seem to get over to the side to get out and I floated out to sea further and further! I started frantically paddling to get back to shore, and I even prayed “Dear Jesus…help!” I wondered if my husband was going to have to rescue me, but he wasn’t even at the beach yet! I sensed God saying “Just relax.” I ended up floating quite a distance away and got out on a peninsula opposite to where we camped out. I got back and my husband was there on the other side of the inlet. I headed back, knowing full well how strong the current was to get back to the other side, but ah…I made it!

After a time, the inlet was much shallower and my husband and I decided to tube out together. Once again the current was very strong. He paddled us back to where he could touch bottom and got out and held my tube. Suddenly I relaxed much more, knowing that he had me held like an anchor and his feet were on the ground.

At that moment we saw a beautiful double rainbow! I wished that I was on shore to use my camera to take a picture, but I realized that wasn’t going to happen, and so I just soaked it in and experienced the moment. My daughter took this picture that I am sharing while she was at the blanket! Well, my husband got caught up in the view too, lost his footing and suddenly we were way out over our heads again! He felt a little panicked himself and paddled anxiously until we got back into shallower waters. Needless to say, that night, my arms were aching from the frantic arm rowing! But we lived…haha.

So the next day, on my birthday, we headed out to a different beach for the day. It’s a beautiful spot but, get this, there was parking for only six cars close by. All others needed to park almost a mile a way on a side street and walk in. So my husband dropped off my daughter and me and we arrived with all kinds of stuff on our beach carts to stay fed, comfortable and occupied for the whole day.

Well, we were there for less than an hour when dark clouds started to loom behind us. People started to leave the beach. I took out my phone, looked at radar and said, “Oh, it’s only a quick shower and then it will go by and so we’re just going to wait it out.” Besides, I figured by the time we got all of our gear loaded up and walked all the way back to the car, this would be gone by and the sun would be out again. Here comes some raindrops, then lightning and thunder! Oh dear.

Everyone left, except us at this point - we diehards albeit foolhardy people. I took out my umbrella that I brought for shade from the sun, HEY! It was not supposed to rain today! There was no rain in the forecast…what the…? The rain came pouring down and it was kind of cold. Uh…Now what? We sat under our umbrellas with pouring rain, thunder and lightning, waiting for this to blow over. Okay, I thought that we all felt a little stressed, worrying about this thunderstorm at the beach that we got caught in. It turned out to be more severe than I originally thought. Well, guess what?!

We lived to tell the tale and the sun came out again! While my husband and daughter wanted to leave after that, (from being wet and uncomfortable) I took the time to walk the beach and wade in the waters and to feel the warm sunshine. Thankfully, the next beach day was uneventful and more pleasant. God even rewarded us with one of the six parking spots right at the beach! How’s that for a blessing?

I say all of this story to convey to you what I felt the Lord showed me in all of this. We all go through storms - moments where we think we might drown or be lost at sea. We all have times where the lightning and thunder makes threats and gets scary, and where the tide is too high and the current is too strong. BUT GOD is in the midst of it, watching over you and taking care of you! He is there on the other side of it! He will get you through.

There is NO point in living in fear and giving up LIVING because of that fear! You can experience the good and peaceful parts, the fun times, and the exciting adventures, if you stick it through and don’t give up! It may seem frightening or may take your breath away, but God is there. He gave us a DOUBLE rainbow to show us His promises NEVER fade away. His promises are never cancelled and they still hold true. His arm is strong to hold us up and to keep us safe.

Whatever His will is, it WILL be accomplished. Life is for the living. So live your life without fear. When you come across an unexpected anxiety or affliction, trust God to get you through. He promises to be with us always. While our little experiences weren’t really that life threatening or life-altering, the principles of God’s Word, His love and His promises were spoken to my heart.

God is good.

© 2020 Susan Case for devotional and photographic image. Used with permission. All rights reserved.