• Annette Hahner


But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 15:57

The storm is over, the night has passed,

From this trial you are free at last.

Victory is yours and Triumphant Truth,

Your Lord is Faithful and He saw you through.

God alone determines the end.

The battle is His, You are His to defend.

For God has prepared a way and a plan.

The test of your faith was to help you to stand.

Our Warrior, King Jesus, He determines the plan.

Our battles are His, who against you can stand?

The entire battle, from start to end, was always in His hands.

By His sovereign, mighty Arm, only His counsel stands.

A trial will never last, not one day more,

No man can alter what God has in store.

The plans of God, never thwarted will they be,

For no evil weapons formed will prosper against thee,

When the enemy comes in roaring like a flood,

The Lord raises up a standard by the power of His blood.

Darkness can not stand in the power of God’s light.

The Lord rises up and puts your enemies to flight.

If God is for you, no one can be against,

For the Lord, your Warrior, is your certain Defense.

He rises up to defend you and scatters your foes,

Their lies, plots, and plans He victoriously overthrows.

All pits that have been dug for thee,

Were formed only for your enemy.

All lies and evil plans meant for thee,

God sends back to their source, for He gets the glory!

My God, He triumphs! Your enemies He overthrows!

He has sent out His arrows and scattered your foes!

God alone has the power! You were always in His hands,

No evil plans against you will stand.

Your enemies turn back when you cry out to God, this I know,

Your God, He has vanquished them with His arrows.

The Scriptures are your battle prayers as war is waged with the foe,

God provides you the victory, like the battle of Jericho.

Remember this victory, your banner raised!

Give Almighty God the thanks and the highest praise.

Never forget that God is the Warrior for you!

Never forget how God saw you through!

Victories are remembered for all eternity,

The Cross of Christ has overthrown your enemy.

© 2020 ANNETTE HAHNER - for poem © 2020 ELICIA ROY - for photographic image

All Rights Reserved.