• Bobby Roy


Has life been so unkind to you?

Have all things turned out wrong?

Have worries, cares and confusion

Taken away your song?

Do you feel you’re in a hole so deep

There’s surely no way out?

Do you feel like no one understands

Your problems and your doubt?

You’re hurt so bad that you don’t think

You’ll ever make it through

This dark and desperate valley

That’s now surrounding you.

Well, Jesus Christ, Your Savior,

Is right there by your side

Just waiting to bring healing

To the hurt you feel inside.

‘Cuz pain can never reach so deep

That He can’t make you whole.

He’ll come right in, if you’ll allow

And heal your hurting soul.

So set your eyes on Him alone

Forever this won’t last

And each day just remember

That this, too, soon shall pass.

© 1985 BOBBY ROY for poem. All rights reserved.

© 2020 ELICIA ROY for photographic image. All rights reserved.