• Elicia Roy

Tears of Love

There’s been a callous,

On top of my heart,

It’s kept me indifferent,

And kept us apart.

I come to Your feet,

With my heart as a stone,

In Your presence it breaks,

As I sit at Your throne.

Where’s the compassion?

Broken heart for the lost?

Where are the tears?

Have I counted the cost?

I put up some walls,

So I wouldn’t feel pain,

My heart, it was selfish,

As it hardened again.

In a holy moment of love,

Water flowed from my eyes,

The fountain of tears,

Was the gift of Your cries.

It’s not my zeal,

Or emotional stirring,

But it’s your love that’s released,

It's Your compassion occurring.

With the distance removed,

And the apathy dead,

My heart is now burning,

With Your burden instead.

These are healing tears,

That come from You,

They cleanse and heal the wounded hearts,

To resurrect and make them new.

It’s Your desire and longing,

For the souls that I weep,

Wailing in pain,

With the tears that You keep.

You store them all up,

In Your bottle; it’s true,

Not one tear is lost,

Because these tears are from You.

© 2020 ELICIA ROY for poem and photographic image. All rights reserved.