• Elicia Roy


When we think of the things

That this world has to give,

Its promise of comfort,

With riches to live.

Temporary pleasures,

In the light of the day,

Become fleeting shadows,

Upon the grave of dismay.

All the treasures of earth,

That money can buy,

Will fade and then perish

Even after we die.

The gravestone will blacken

Its memory will fade,

It will eventually crumble,

Because it was man-made.

A building’s wing has the name

Of its donor inscribed,

On the side of the wall,

For its mission subscribed.

The grand expansion,

Will no longer be great.

For all that was built,

Will meet its cruel fate.

It will shatter in pieces,

As the wrecking ball hits.

For the name on its side,

Will crumble to bits.

The old soon forgotten,

There’s a new wing expected.

Someone else’s name,

Is on the new side erected.

The investments of love,

For the heart never ends.

To all who received them,

Beloved family and friends.

For love that’s sincere,

That contains heaven’s touch,

Future destinies changed,

When a heart is loved much.

What a powerful love

That lives past the grave,

That comes only from God,

Through the Son that He gave.

So what will live on,

Whence from this soil we depart?

What will remain,

Upon the soil of the heart?

What is remembered,

By those whom we knew,

Is the love that was given,

The love that was true.

© 2019 ELICIA ROY - For poem and photographic image. All rights reserved.