• Elicia Roy


How does one describe the most powerful force in the universe?

It’s unexplainable really.

But…I will try my best…

It’s a love that goes beyond the most distant star,

Transcending time and space.

Bleeding. forgiving, cleansing, feeling,

Rescuing, adopting,

Making the heart free.

It disciplines.

It has staying power to endure.

It weeps. It holds. Adores.

It dies for another. It’s happy.

Never dying.

It smiles and laughs,

Hurts for another,

It serves.

It is free.

It’s humble and meek.


Hugging and enduring,

It can not be stopped.

It’s beautiful and lives inside of me as God’s child.

I received His love by faith because of what He did at the cross.

Now that love burns within me,

To share, to give, to let go,

To trust with all of my heart.

It’s God’s love.

© 2019 ELICIA ROY - For poem and photographic image. All rights reserved.