• Elicia Roy


Things are heating up

In the land that was cold.

Our forefather’s prayers

Help the story unfold.

They prayed for repentance,

To be in the land.

God-fearing people

Had faith that was grand.

They prayed for renewal,

And for all who believed,

But God was forgotten,

Those hearts were deceived.

They turned away

From the LORD they once knew,

And put other gods first,

Forsaking things that were true.

Vain philosophical musings

Touting enlightened thought.

Were only foolishness,

To a God whose truths were taught.

The embodiment of truth

Contained within the man,

Our Savior, Christ Jesus,

Breathed the redemptive plan.

Yet a remnant remained,

Calling out for heaven’s hand,

For repentance and renewal

To spread across the land.

Our LORD, He didn’t forget

Prayers uttered or tears shed,

For sons and daughters of God,

To resurrect from the dead.

As the cock crows in the morning

To start a brand new day,

Displayed high upon the steeple,

Its presence has something to say.

Repentance and renewal,

Is the sound that I hear.

Hope’s cry with humility,

Revival coming near.

"Repentance and renewal,"

Is what the cry will be,

Lay it all down for love's sake,

So the Savior they will see.

If left to our own devices,

We will surely die.

Our sins, they will destroy us,

Without the warrior’s cry.

It’s time to fight for goodness,

For truth and all that’s right.

For the hearts of all mankind,

So they’ll see the Savior’s light.

It’s not a war against flesh and blood,

But of things we can not see.

It’s a battle for the heart of man,

So that it can be free.

The wave will make its contact

Upon New England’s shore.

The Wave of Hope will crash

Through every hopeless door.

Love will melt the walls of hate,

Of prejudice and pride.

Death and destruction will meet their fate,

Upon the crest of hope's tide.

On the crest of the mighty swell,

You will see the love and fire,

Hitting the rugged landscape,

The flames, they will rise higher.

They’ll spread throughout the states

To awaken the sleepy soul.

Love and power burning through

All that the enemy stole.

This Wave of Hope will reach

From God’s heart onto our land,

To woo His bride back to Him,

To accomplish what is planned.

The gospel and its living hope

Will spread throughout the north.

The rest of our nation will feel

The fire sweeping forth.

A beacon of light we will be,

Again for nations on the earth,

As the love of God invades our land,

Offering everyone new birth.

Jesus Christ the Savior,

He is the hope within the wave,

He died and then He rose again

For America to save.

© 2019 ELICIA ROY - for poem and photographic image. All Rights Reserved.