• Elicia Roy


It’s You, not me,

That can make it occur.

Your touch and Your blessing,

To make their hearts stir.

For others to know,

What You’re wanting to say.

Pure love from above

Needed today.

You’re strong and there’s power

To set captives free.

To open blind eyes,

Your vessel I’ll be.

To look with Your gaze

As You look through my eyes.

To melt all the hate,

And soothe all the cries.

I’m loving like You,

With Your gentle touch,

Compassion, and care.

They need love so much.

It’s only when You move

And decide that it’s time.

You show step by step,

The moment that’s prime.

You say “move now my love,”

And so I get up and go,

With my hand holding Yours,

Together we flow.

Pain has to leave,

When You’re in the room.

Those demons must flee

To their place of doom.

Love abides in my heart,

No love can compare;

Worth more than a gem,

Extravagant and rare.

This love is true freedom,

For the heart deep inside.

Jesus, You heal and You save,

No heart is denied.

Your presence awakens,

You’re loving and strong.

To heal broken hearts,

And repair all the wrong.

Your love, it transcends

The highest of places,

To care for the smallest,

In little heart spaces.

So grand is the King!

Your splendor displayed.

So vast yet personal,

Toward all You have made.

There is no one like You,

Awesome God, You’re my King.

You’re marvelous and matchless,

Maker of everything!

You’re alive and You reign,

Power on display!

For Your glory and splendor

I give You this day.

Take it all, my hopes and dreams,

To You they all belong.

My life is in You now,

For You I’ll sing my song.

© 2019 ELICIA ROY for poem & photographic image. All rights reserved.