• Elicia Roy


Do you try to measure up to other’s expectations, to find value in yourself?

Perhaps you feel less than valuable because you fall short of your own expectations of yourself.

The fact is that you have inherent value given to you by God that isn’t linked to your beauty, talents, money, relationships,

or what you or others expect of you.

The following poem has helped many people, both young and old, to find their true identity in Jesus.

May you see yourself as you really are…loved, accepted, and truly significant. That’s how God sees you and that’s the real you.


My people, because I love you,

I have something to say

To you about God’s love,

His truth and His way.

The lies you’ve believed

About yourself, they’re not true.

They’re wrapped with a bow

And given to you.

The world gives its messages.

To you, it has lied.

They have nothing to do

With the person inside.

Falsehoods that shape,

What you believe about you,

Tell you identity

Is based on what you do.

When your friends, fashion,

Appearance, and “likes”

Are where you find significance,

False identity strikes!

Money and accomplishment

Does not make the real you.

They are only outward things

That show others what you do.

Who you are does not come from you.

It comes as a gift from God.

He sent His Son to die on the cross

To rescue all who were flawed.

When trust is placed upon the Son,

And faith applied as well,

Your identity becomes His,

Right down to the smallest cell.

Your life is in Him now.

That lost old person has died.

You’re now a new creature in Christ.

You have a new identity inside.

You belong to Him.

You’re cherished, beloved, adored.

You are more than a conqueror,

By a gracious and loving Lord.

He says, “You are mine.

You belong to me.

You’re part of my family now,

A masterpiece of royalty.”

You’re blessed. Do you realize the gift

That has been given to you?

It changes everything.

You have an identity that’s new!

There’s nothing you did to earn it.

It did not come from you.

It came from the Master Craftsman,

Whose name is Faithful and True.

You are worth fighting for.

Precious one, I can help you to see

That He laid His life down for you

To be the person you were destined to be.

You’re righteous, clean, and without stain.

He took away every ounce of shame.

Time to walk in your brand-new life,

To carry the torch of love’s flame.

It’s not what you feel

That dictates who you are.


You are His shining star.

As you lay down your will

For the one who laid it down for you,

Genuine purity, kindness, and love

Will show in what you do.

There is no greater honor

Than to live your life for God:

To praise Him with all that’s in you,

His greatness to applaud.

In a moment, this life will end

And you will see Him on His throne.

From your memory, He will remove

Those lies you tried to own.

The real you will be revealed

In this life or on that day.

Believe the truth about yourself

And live it out today!

© 2017 ELICIA ROY for poem

© 2019 CHRISTOPHER ROY for original artwork