• Elicia Roy


Icy, hard, granite heart,

Listless, cold piece of stone.

Unfeeling and appearing dead,

Frozen in apathy; dying alone.

Uncaring, frigid, closed to love,

No movement, it looks flatlined.

Isolated on its island,

Stony heart with thorns entwined.

The hammer hits upon the heart,

It echoes coldly on its side.

Defensive, hateful, divided stone,

Embittered in its pride.

From the East, a mighty wind moves,

The flame of the Spirit blowing.

Across our land, love invades,

Upon hearts, love is flowing.

Birthed by prayer, petition heard,

The fire is spreading on.

Heat of love, it melts the ice,

Until the cold is gone.

Fear of God, alive and well,

His love in hearts are meeting.

A gift of grace, given by God,

A heart of flesh now beating.

Energized by the Spirit of Truth,

Flame of fire spreading zeal.

Hearts feeling, longing, living again,

Authentic renewal that’s real.

Love invading, joy and goodness,

Warmth of kindness, love outpouring.

Blood is pumping with His vibrance,

Hope for all nations restoring.

Melt, melt the hearts of stone,

Hearts that have grown cold.

Your fire, it melts away the ice,

Let revival unfold!


Based on Ezekiel 36:26 - I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.

I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.