• Elicia Roy


REVIVAL...What is it, really?

Is it merely the stirring of feelings or emotions?

It may include those things, but revival is SO MUCH MORE!

It’s bringing to life that which has been dormant, stagnant or dead. It’s the restoration of our first love.

It’s remembering and returning to the way things were with God when they were

alive, inquisitive, fresh, fun, with a sense of curious wonder.

It’s childlike.

It is loving God without caring so much about what others think.

His love is the motivator and the reason for why we do what we do.

The light goes on to illuminate the dark places in us that need to die.

The “aha moments” return.

It’s holiness, purity and a trusting kind of faith that is real, alive and active.

It’s invigorating, brave, dynamic, deep, beautiful and real.

Intense hunger for truth is present.

And you know when you’re in it because nothing besides the pursuit of His loving heart matters.

(c) 2019 by ELICIA ROY for writing and photographic image. All rights reserved.